Our team consists of individuals with experience in pharmaceutics, aesthetics and wellness.


We value being able to provide authentic advice that will assist you on your path to healthy skin.


Our personal Continued Education Program allows us to keep up to date with current technology in an ever-progressive industry.


Our passion is to help you better understand your skin and in so doing help you achieve ongoing optimal skin health.

Our Vision is to offer quality, customized treatments, focusing on your specific skin needs
and thereby offering comprehensive solutions.

About us

Welcome to OptiSkin

"OptiSkin is a medical aesthetic and laser clinic working in collaboration with Dr Johann Malherbe. We have a passion to see people’s skin change and will develop a personalized treatment plan suitable for each client.

As Port Elizabeth's trusted and loved aesthetics clinic, our team of friendly, professional therapists boasts extensive experience in the pharmaceutical and aesthetics industry.  We're ready to welcome you to the OptiSkin family and to continue your skin health journey with you." - Jenny Malherbe, Owner.

  • Craig

    The virtually painless exercise was conducted in the most professional manner and the results were quite remarkable.

    I would like to express my gratitude and appreciation to Jenny and the team at OptiSkin. I received a series of Thermavein treatments for the permanent removal of damaged veins that were prevalent on the nose, cheek and chin areas. This exercise formed part of the treatment regime that I am undertaking in an effort to address a cure for rosacea. I have no hesitation in recommending the services and products offered by OptiSkin.

  • Sharmaine Hamer

    Excellent experience.

    Thank you for your incredible professional Thermavein treatment. Not only did you reassure my daughter that the telangiectasia treatment on the upper cheek will be short and comfortable, but you also talked her through the process making her feel relaxed.

    Sharmaine Hamer
  • Professor Nadey Hakim, MD, PhD, FRCS

    It is the safest and fastest technique to make spider veins disappear.

    I have used the ThermaVein for many years. I have offered this procedure to several hundred patients with a very high satisfaction rate. The big advantage to patients is that it is risk-free and is almost painless. No need for stockings, no need for any other additional treatment.

    Professor Nadey Hakim, MD, PhD, FRCS
  • Carol Bankart

    I was a little cautious to try laser at first but once I did, there was no looking back.

    No more dark shadows under my arms from shaving...no more shaving at all! What a pleasure to be able to wear sleeveless summer blouses as well... without the worry of lifting your arms too high!

    Carol Bankart
  • Sonja

    I recommend OptiSkin to anyone interested in improving the condition of their skin.

    After having a professional Dermapen treatment at OptiSkin, I found there was a lasting tightening and plumping effect which I love! The process was clearly explained to me and I can recommend it for collagen induction therapy.

  • Miriam

    My skin journey with Optiskin has been amazing.

    Initially, when I arrived at Optiskin I was having continuous breakouts. I had a consultation with Jenny. She is absolutely wonderful. She recommended certain products and treatments and since then I have only seen positive results. Thank you, Jenny and the rest of the Optiskin team.

  • Megan De Kock

    I’ve had such a great response to the laser hair removal treatment! It hardly grows already!

    Megan De Kock
  • Nick de Beer

    Amazing person and service like no other! Perfect spot for men who are keen to look after their skin, and ladies. Highly recommend!!

    So as a guy who has never ever looked after my skin, soap was the go to, like with most men. Jenny is just wonderful, no man needs to feel shy about going for a consultation and treatment! Ladies book your hubby’s and boyfriends for a treatment!

    Nick de Beer
  • Nicole Shaw

    I just love visiting OptiSkin!

    All the staff are professional from booking the appointment up until the final treatment. I love how Jenny takes her time to explain my skin's condition as well as the next step to get optimal skin health all within my budget. I trust Jenny to be making the right decisions for my skin because she gets more excited about the improvement of my skin than I do at each medical peel treatment appointment.

    Nicole Shaw
  • Lauren Gibson

    Immaculate skin centre & impeccable service.

    It was so lovely to be able to come into Optiskin and receive a treatment as a client this past week. Your skin centre is really immaculate and the service I received from Dr. Johann was impeccable. His client care, genuine concern for my health and well being and excellent treatment protocol was the best I have ever received and makes me want to travel to Port Elizabeth for all my botox treatments!

    Lauren Gibson
  • Gary Paul

    Professional product advice & skillfully delivered treatments.

    Having moved around in the country for the past 5 years, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt that Jenny and her team are a class act. I get my Optiphi products delivered to me in Bloemfontein of all places. Ranging from professional product advice to skillfully delivered treatments, the Optiskin experience offers a value proposition that would be difficult to replicate. The quaintness of Jenny's establishment is not to be confused with a typical one-person small business. In short, OptiSkin offers value for money and are wonderful ambassadors for world-class brands such as Optiphi. A five-star rating is entirely appropriate in my view.

    Gary Paul
  • Nicole Rump

    Fantastic quality service, always caring and professional.

    I've been using OptiSkin for both treatments and products since they started in PE more than 7 years ago, and can honestly say that Jenny and her team never fail to impress me with their genuine care, knowledge, and professionalism. Their attention to detail is impeccable, and I have learned to trust them and know that if they recommend something, it really is good! All these things are what set them apart and are the reason why I'd be sorry to have to go anywhere else.

    Nicole Rump