Optiphi is a scientifically based anti-ageing premium South African skin care brand aimed at addressing the mechanisms of gerontology. Their range of active products is formulated with optimal active concentrations to promote cellular skin rejuvenation.

Following a comprehensive skin and lifestyle analysis your Optiphi skin therapist will recommend the most suitable professional treatment and homecare to target your specific skin concerns. Optiphi treats the signs of ageing, dehydration, impaired skin barrier function, pigmentation, loss of elasticity, wrinkles, enlarged pores & redness.

Your Optiphi therapist can also individualize your in-salon treatments to suit your specific skin needs by performing a non-invasive DNA Skin Test. These unique results can help you prioritize your skin needs and help you understand where your skin is likely to be heading in the future, so you can plan for it.



Lamelle Research Laboratories is a South African biotechnology research company that produces highly advanced products for both the professional and consumer aesthetic skincare market, both locally and increasingly internationally.

Evidence-Based Innovation combines the elements of well-researched interventions, clinical experience, ethics and in-depth knowledge of the client’s needs, Lamelle continuously pushes the boundaries of what products in the medical aesthetics industry can achieve, consistently delivering first-to-market products which can help to achieve optimal results by repairing, strengthening and protecting your skin.

Individualised assessment and personalised recommendation by a trained professional is key in achieving the best and safest results.

You will need the following codes to make your purchase:
Access code: MIC32
Stockist Association code: A196


The Dermalogica brand strives to serve beyond the realm of cosmetic beauty by delivering best-in-class innovation for the treatment of skin concerns ranging from acne to advanced signs of ageing and skin sensitivity. A product line free of common irritants and ingredients that could actually cause breakouts including lanolin, SD alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances. Yet impressive enough to improve the health of the skin with the help of professional skin care therapists.

Through education, innovation, and professional recommendation, Dermalogica delivers the finest in professional skincare to all South African skin types, without the promise of miracle cures and overblown hype.

Dermalogica proudly serves the professional skincare industry, and for the past 25 years has supported the development and upliftment of professional skin therapists across Africa and the Globe.


Sun Care

At OptiSkin we offer medical-grade new generation sunblock with full-spectrum protection and damage repair. It’s not just sunscreen.

We have a range of products available to suit your specific sun care needs:

  • Optiphi Protect the Canvas: A lightweight, non-oily, anti-oxidant packed sunscreen that offers broad-spectrum protection and delays the onset of premature ageing.
  • Heliocare 360: This range of SPF 50 has a dry touch texture with filters that provide broad-spectrum protection against UVA, UVB, Visible light and Infrared-A, making it one of the most comprehensive, cutting-edge sunscreens available. Heliocare South Africa.
  • Lamelle – Helase: Is a pioneering sun protection product guards against the harmful and ageing effects of the full spectrum of sunlight, AND prevents and repairs recent DNA damage from the sun and oxygen-free radicals.
  • Dermalogica: Daylight defense should start long before your skin is exposed to UV light, and continue well after your skin is out of the sun’s harmful rays.For this reason, Dermalogica have researched and created 12 essential products for skin exposed to daylight. This range of broad spectrum physical and chemical sun protection products are designed to provide advanced protection no matter your skin type. From Sunup to Sundown these lightweight non-greasy products have your skin covered.

Nutritional Supplements

Ovelle D3

This oral supplement contains two essential ingredients, Phygnogenal and activated Vitamin D. When taken daily, it increases the skin's resistance to UVA by 80%. More than that it also significantly improves the appearance of Melasma (hormonal pigmentation) and delays premature again of the skin.


This is an oral supplement which, contains zinc picolinate and nicotinamide. The combination of the ingredients has been shown to achieve an 88% reduction in the number of lesions on the skin within 8 weeks of use when treating mild to moderate inflammatory problematic skin.

Lady Prelox

A patented female intimacy supplements which, contains premium plant-based ingredients.


The Metagenics range of supplements which, for over 30 years, have dedicated to scientific discovery, unparalleled quality, and practitioner partnerships that positioned them as the industry leader in functional nutrition.