What We Offer

OptiSkin has partnered with Bio Therapeutic© to bring you the Dr Suzuki technology of the Microsonic Ultrasound and Sonic devices. Clinical facials include the use of such technology to enhance and prolong the results of the treatment, offering deeper penetration of products. We offer facial treatments from Optiphi and Lamelle.

Our Approach

People with all skin types can benefit from these treatments, and they will notice firmer, smoother, brighter & more hydrated skin after the treatment.

Some of the benefits of facial treatments include:

  • Increased blood circulation and hydration
  • Exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • Professional extraction
  • Anti-ageing with toning
  • Expelling toxins and stress relief

Optiphi Facials


This 45 minute deep cleanse using the Classic Optiphi Professional products is designed to suit your unique skin needs. Clearer, brighter skin complexion. Plumps, tightens and moisturizes. It replenishes the skin with vital vitamins and minerals. It balances sebum levels to reveal radiant skin without an oily shine. Promotes skin barrier function. Actively defends and detoxifies the skin. All facial products are fragrance free and pH-Balanced.

Signature Treatment

60 min targeted treatment using Optiphi Professional products combined with BT technology. Hydrate and Repair, Radiance Boost or Firming Peptide serums are to choose from. This is the perfect solution to healthy, balanced, refined and radiant looking skin. Touch therapy included with this treatment.

Optiphi Skin Supplements*

These professional and highly concentrated solutions have been specifically formulated to enhance and prolong professional treatment outcomes. Skin Supplements may be combined with standard skin treatments and procedures or Advanced Skin Supplements can be integrated into progressive treatments such as micro-needling, light and laser therapies and advanced peels. Each individual Skin Supplement boasts targeted active ingredients formulated to synergistically treat a specific concern on the skin and scalp. Available supplements include; Vit B Complex, Vit C, Retinol, Scar Peptides, Gallic Acid.

*Available as an optional add-on during your treatment at an additional fee.


A Nano-needle cartridge is comprised of tiny, pyramid-like needle tips on a flat base. These tips are thinner than a human hair and are designed to make microscopic punctures in the epidermis which in turn cause collagen and elastin production as a secondary effect to a thorough exfoliation, and enhanced penetration of actives into the skin.

Nano-needling is safe and virtually pain free for all skins and photo-types and leaves the skin glowing, hydrated and exfoliated. Additionally, targeting the improvement of wrinkles, acne, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and other skin blemishes by incorporating your body’s own repair process. This treatment needs no numbing cream and will painlessly smooth the skins texture and leave the skin soft and glowing.

*Available as an optional add-on during your treatment at an additional fee.

Lamelle Growth Factor Sheet Mask*

This is a single-use sheet mask containing a high concentration of active ingredients in a gel-like serum formula. Skin-specific growth factors help increase cellular stimulation and regeneration whilst calming the skin. The gel base supports skin-cooling, especially post-treatments that may cause temporary disruption to the skin barrier, such as needling or nano-brasion. Arbutin assists by reducing melanin formation during the inflammatory stage to prevent post-inflammatory pigmentation. Hyaluronic acid stimulates cell proliferation and migration causing intense hydration of the skin while assisting with the healing process. A wonderful anti-ageing product as a spoil for your skin or as a boost before a big occasion. Suitable for all skintypes.

*Available as an optional add-on during your treatment at an additional fee.
  • Miriam

    My skin journey with Optiskin has been amazing.

    Initially, when I arrived at Optiskin I was having continuous breakouts. I had a consultation with Jenny. She is absolutely wonderful. She recommended certain products and treatments and since then I have only seen positive results. Thank you, Jenny and the rest of the Optiskin team.

  • Gary Paul

    Professional product advice & skillfully delivered treatments.

    Having moved around in the country for the past 5 years, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt that Jenny and her team are a class act. I get my Optiphi products delivered to me in Bloemfontein of all places. Ranging from professional product advice to skillfully delivered treatments, the Optiskin experience offers a value proposition that would be difficult to replicate. The quaintness of Jenny's establishment is not to be confused with a typical one-person small business. In short, OptiSkin offers value for money and are wonderful ambassadors for world-class brands such as Optiphi. A five-star rating is entirely appropriate in my view.

    Gary Paul